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Hancock Public School District


COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan


Hancock Public Schools Moves to Blended Learning Until Monday, October 12th.

  • Hancock Parents and Guardians,

    The Western U.P. Health Department (WUPHD) has notified us that all school districts in Houghton County will be moving to on-line instruction beginning Monday September 28. The plan is to return to face-to-face instruction at school on Monday October 12. We will still be holding face-to-face classes tomorrow, Friday September 25. Please send your students so we can provide them materials they will need to take home to keep learning.

    The Western U.P. Health Department is treating this two-week period as a "temporary pause" to catch up with testing and contact tracing in the area.

    Kate Beer of the WUPHD noted that all K-12 schools in the area have done a fantastic job collaborating with her team to help mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus. As of this moment, Hancock Public Schools has 4 students that have tested positive for the virus and no faculty or staff that have tested positive. Thanks to our education team, parents, and students for following our "Return to Learn" plan and the mitigation measures we followed. Special thanks to Bob Brunet and his facilities team for efforts to keep our buildings clean and sterilized.

    I know many of you are disappointed in this development. I assure you my education team is as well. Your students bring our building to life with energy, optimism, exploration, discovery, and so much more. We need to look at this as only a two-week break from face-to-face learning. We will still be engaging them through on-line streaming and packets. Our high school and middle school teachers learned so much last spring about virtual engagement, which they will be successfully applying in the next two weeks. The other difference from last spring's distance learning option is that all homework and assignments will receive recorded grades this time in the high school and middle school.

    Barkell Elementary School teachers and staff discovered multiple platforms and on-line resources to engage our young Bulldogs last spring. Over the summer they gained even more tools to enhance that virtual experience. They are ready to keep learning moving forward at a regular pace in this two week pause to face-to-face instruction.

    Keep an eye out for an email coming from me tomorrow regarding pick-up of meals. Like this summer, each household will be able to pick up 7 days worth of breakfast & lunch meals for each child under 18 in your household at no cost to your family. Tentative pick up dates will be each Tuesday starting September 29.

    Our District Library will continue to operate normal hours, though we may be going to curbside pick up. Please stay tuned for more information regarding their operations.

    Bulldog family, we got this! Our return to face-to-face learning on Monday October 12 will come in a couple blinks of the eye. Thanks for your support in keeping your students engaged with our education team over the next two weeks. We will see many of your students at school tomorrow!


Hancock High School Graduation Ceremony from Defined Visuals on Vimeo.


Welcome to Hancock Public Schools

The Hancock school district dates back to 1863 but because of a fire in 1869, records about this period are sketchy. The first school was a typical one-room structure furnished with hard wooden benches and heated by a round shaped wood stove.

In 1869, a union school was constructed on Franklin Street. The building was used until replaced in 1875. This building was destroyed by fire on July 25, 1922, and was succeeded by the present building currently owned by Finlandia University and formerly the Hancock Middle School, which was built in 1923.

Three additional school buildings were utilized during much of the 1900's; Edward Ryan, E.L. Wright and the Ripley School. Condon Field was dedicated in 1952, and the district's bus garage was acquired from the City of Hancock in 1963. Seventeen acres of land located east of Elevation Street was acquired from the Quincy Mining Co. as a grant in 1970. In 1988, the Hancock voters passed a 7.46 mil bond issue to build a $5,750,000.00 elementary school. In 1989 the building was opened for use. Read more...

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