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Delays & Cancellations

Notification of Closures

Hancock Public Schools will push our messaging through our PowerSchool system. It will text your cell phone(s), send out an email to your email address, and for those that want call your phone with a pre-recorded message noting the closure. If you are unsure of the information you have on file with the Hancock Public Schools please call the school secretary where your students are enrolled.

Listen to/watch local radio and television stations.

Inclement Weather Procedures

As we move into the winter season, I wanted to update you on how decisions are made to cancel schools or declare a late start to schools (opening 2 hours late).

Step 1: At around 5 a.m. Jim Rautiola, Superintendent of the Copper Country Intermediate School District is in communication with the Houghton County Road Commission on the status of the roads. From that discussion a decision is made to a) open schools, b) have a late start for plows to catch up, or c) close area K-12 schools for the day.

Step 2: At approximately 6 a.m. Mr. Rautiola will notify local radio stations and TV 6 & TV 10 that schools are either closed or starting late that day.

At this time Hancock Public Schools will be sending our texts, calls, and emails to parents through our PowerSchool system to our student’s parents and guardians.

If our schools decide to open and storm conditions develop during the school day, Mr. Rautiola consults with school superintendents and the Road Commission to determine if an early closure is warranted. We try to have all districts close at the same time to limit confusion.

It should be noted, if Road Commission officials do not call Mr. Rautiola before 1:00 pm concerning a recommendation to close, schools will remain in session until regular dismissal time. This occurs because it takes a minimum of one hour to mobilize buses for an early dismissal.

LATE STARTS FOR GRADES K-12 - In recent years, delayed starts have become an alternative to full snow days. On days such as these the storm has usually passed and the county snowplows only need some extra time to clear the roads. Again, such announcements will be broadcast by the local radio stations starting between 6:00 – 6:30 AM. An email will be sent out to the parent listserv. On delayed start days, school will begin at 10:15 AM (MS/HS) & 10:20 AM (Elementary). The bus drivers will begin their routes 2 hours later than usual. You will need to calculate the adjusted time for the bus to arrive at your home on delayed start days by using the information mentioned above.


EARLY DISMISSAL - On occasion school must be dismissed early in the morning or afternoon due to an approaching storm. In such instances the announcements will be broadcast by the radio stations during short intervals to alert parents. An email will also be sent to the parent listserv. Please be sure that the early dismissal information that you provided to the schools is always accurate.

SCHEDULED SPORTING EVENTS - Please listen to the radio stations regarding scheduled games/contests on days when school is canceled or dismissed early. Coaches will contact players in the event of a change in schedule.


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