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Hancock Public Schools Alumni Association

The mission of the Alumni Association is to support the Hancock Public School District through creating and nurturing a mutually beneficial relationship between the school district and its alumni and friends. Its objectives include supporting our schools' activities, strengthening ties with the community, sharing information about educational and extracurricular programs, and celebrating the good fellowship and pleasant memories of our school days.

2022 HCH All-School Reunion
Friday, July 22, 2022

It takes a multitude. Thank you to all the volunteers for helping make the 2022 All-School Reunion successful.

2022 Reunion Committee

Melissa Hess Boerman
Mark Johnson
Julie Miron Lang
Mark Manderfield
Sara Eilola Niemeyer
Tony Pizzi
Jomarie Fredianelli-Wakeham
Ryan Wakeham

2022 Volunteers

Terri Hauswirth Aittama
Patti Archambeau
Mary Miron Babcock
Mary Babun-Vincent
Lorraine Hill Berg
Curt Bermel
Robin Nominelli Bermel
Steve Boerman
Rhonda Britten
Mary Aho Brunet
Peggy Lypsinmaa Busser
Jeanne Eilola
Mikki Gagnon
John Haischer
Anne Houle Halgren
Vickie Maki Hartingh
HCH Varsity Hockey Team
Brian Henderson
Kim Seaton Hope
Sharon Dover Juntunen
Jim Kalen
Ellen Aldrich Klee
Donna JukuriKohut
Ruth Lahti
Bob Lang
Mary Veeser Lemanski
Linda Rosseau Letto
Karen Lewis
Joan Brodeur Matrosic
Vicky Wolfe Mattila
Shelley Miron Lucchesi
Jodi Dulong Mikesch
Scott Mikesch
Gregg Nominelli
Norma Nominelli
Paula Eilola Nutini
Jean Parker
Mary Pekkala
Bob Perrault
Bob Peryam
Dave Puska
Polly Richards
Lisa Miron Rosseau
Joanne Rosseau Rouleau
Tony Salani
Charlene Simmons Schnelle
Tim Schnelle
Linda Wiitanen Snively
Ginger Stroube
Sharon Masini Suppelsa
Betty Boxer Toutant
Cindy Wiitanen Tvinnerein
Tom Vichich
Vicky Meinardi Vichich
Lou Ann Fenton Vitton
Stan Vitton


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