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Guidance & Counseling

What is School Counseling?

According to the American School Counselors Association, School Counselors are uniquely qualified to work with students to address and solve academic hardships, support social and emotional growth of students and assist with career and college readiness to prepare students for the world beyond.

The School Counselor

Michele Serafin is the grades 6-12 School Counselor at Hancock Public Schools. She has many years of experience in school counseling and is available to provide a comprehensive school counseling program that attends to the personal/social, academic, college and career planning of all students. Services include group and individual counseling, academic support, crisis intervention, career and college planning and student advocacy. The goal is for all students to succeed in high school and move forward to become productive members of the community. Students may make an appointment to see the counselor during school hours or they may drop into the counselor's office if she is available. The school counselor’s office is located in the back of the high school office. If the counselor feels that more in-depth counseling is needed, a referral to an outside agency is made. If you have concerns about your son or daughter, please feel free to contact Michele via phone (906)483-2540, ext 8111 or email.

31N Services

Mental Health Services are available through Hancock Schools and the CCISD. Parents or students can contact the counselor or principal if they would like their child to be screened for services. Mental Health Services are made possible through funding from the Michigan Legislature under Section 31N and are designated for students with mild to moderate mental health needs. Students who qualify for therapy, will be seen during the school day by a provider from Copper Country Intermediate School District. Appointments are coordinated with student schedules. If you have concerns about your son or daughter, please feel free to contact Mrs. Serafin.

Help Outside of School


College & Career Planning

Career Planning Website

All students have a Xello account that can be accessed through PowerSchool. Xello is an online program that helps students create a successful future through self-knowledge, exploration and planning.

What is XELLO and How Do I Log In?

Xello is an online individualized career exploration platform that consists of multiple assessments, College and Career Prep lessons, search/filter features for careers and colleges, and very detailed information on employment by State. Students can log in directly from their PowerSchool homepage by selecting the icon in the upper right (Box with an arrow). No additional log in will be required. They may also share their EDP with parents or other interested parties by selecting the emoji icon in Xello’s upper right corner.

EDP Planning

An EDP is an Educational Development Plan required by the State of Michigan. The goal is to help expose students to opportunities early so that they can plan the most beneficial course pathway in high school to prepare. Items in an EDP may include: Self-assessments for careers and colleges, Goals for high school and beyond, Activities and Awards, a 4-year plan for courses in high school, and saved careers and/or colleges of interest.

Career and Technical Education

Students interested in enrolling in any of the Career & Technical Education program offerings should complete the survey in April of each year requesting their first choice and backup choice. Each high school within the Copper Country Intermediate School District is allocated a specific number of slots for student enrollment, based upon the school's total high school enrollment. Criteria for student enrollment in the Career & Technical Education programs are determined by each individual district. Considerations for eligibility may include the student's attendance record, grades, citizenship, and a career pathway specific to the requested program. Students interested in the program should contact their high school counselor early in their high school career to obtain information regarding the requirements of their district.

Skilled Trades

Skilled Trades are careers that often require less schooling and debt than a four-year degree. These jobs are in demand for fields like healthcare, information technology, advanced manufacturing, construction and automotive. Employers in Michigan are seeking talent to fill these roles. More information can be found on the Michigan Skilled Trades website.



The U.S. Military consists of six active-duty Service branches and their respective Guard and Reserve components. Together, they offer a broad variety of ways to serve. Students are welcome to meet with Military Representatives when they visit the school or they can set up their own meeting by contacting a recruiter. Additional information related to careers in the military can be located by going to their webpage.

The ASVAB Test will be administered yearly to students interested in pursuing a career in the military.

College Search

Students will be encouraged to research colleges and trade schools based on their career interests. Some of this will be done in the classroom setting, but students are certainly welcome to check out the following websites to conduct their own research. Mrs. Serafin will be available to guide students through the college selection process. Applications can be filled out online.

Some schools require students to use the Common Application Process. Students can explore colleges and create accounts through the Common Application.

Transcript Sends on Parchment

Students who wish to have their transcripts sent to college will need to create an account on Parchment. The account is free while they are current students. After graduation, there is a small fee for transcript sends. The School Counselor handles current transcript sends for students and the High School Secretary processes requests from past graduates.

Upper Peninsula College Websites

Standardized Testing

The PSAT NMSQT will be offered for a small fee to interested students during October. It is recommended for college bound juniors. Students need to sign up with the counselor and pay their fee before the deadline passes. *Fee waivers are also available.

The SAT will be administered to all juniors in April at no cost to students. Students will receive four free score sends if they wish to send their scores to a college. Most colleges require the SAT or ACT test for admittance. Students can sign up to take the SAT or ACT at nearby test centers throughout the year. Students can retake the tests to improve their scores.

Students should create College Board accounts after they have completed the PSAT 10. This will help students prepare for the SAT. College Board accounts can be created by going here. Once the College Board account is created, students can link their account to Khan Academy for additional practice.

SuperTutorTV is an online video test prep site that can be accessed via YouTube.

Paying for College

In order to receive any student aid (including loans) for college, students must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. The forms are available online. If you are planning to fill it out online, you must apply for a FSA ID username and password before filling it out. Go here  to create those. Students and their parents or guardians should also plan to attend the HCH FAFSA Night to get a head start on the FAFSA.

Student/Family Informational Sessions

Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships and Grants are available to some Michigan residents after FAFSA completion. Students can check if they qualify for TIP (Tuition Incentive Program) by going to the MISSG Portal. Students who qualify can enroll in a 1 year certificate or 2 year associate program to have up to 120 term credit hours covered by the grant. Details can be found at There are two ways to check eligibility. Students can call 1-888-447-2687 or check through the MISSG portal.

Websites for scholarships and grants include:

College Scholarships are located on the web pages of individual colleges and universities. Students generally apply for them at the beginning of the school year.

Local Scholarships are maintained by the Copper Country Counselors Group in the scholarship hub. They are also emailed to seniors as they come in. Students can access scholarship application through the following page.

Student/Family Informational Sessions

Virtual Financial Aid Events

Other Scholarships

Students with a deceased parent or experienced Foster Care

Scholarships by County in Michigan

Michigan Specific Scholarship Programs

General Scholarships

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