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Hancock Public School District



Hancock Public Schools Board of Education

The Hancock Public Schools Board of Education exists for the purpose of providing a system of free, public education for children in grades K-12.

Philosophy of the Board:

The Board of Education is a legal entity for providing a system of public education within a geographic area of the State of Michigan. The system was created by, and is governed by, State statutes. Members of a Board are chose by citizens to represent them and the State in governance of the local schools.

The Board has the dual responsibility for implementing statutory requirements pertaining to public education and for meeting the desires of residents. While the Board has an obligation to determine and assess citizen desires, it is understood that when the voters elect delegates to represent them in the conduct of specified educational programs, they, at the same time, are endowed with the authority to exercise their best judgment in determining policies, making decisions, and approving procedures for carrying out the responsibility.

Bylaws & Policies

Board of Education Members

Mr. Kevin Kalinec
Board Member since 2013 - term expires December 2020

Mrs. Paula Nutini
Board Member since 2012- term expires December 2022

Mr. Randy Heinonen
Board Member since 2017 - term expires December 2022

Mrs. Michele Blau
Board Member since 2010 - term expires December 2018

Mr. Charles Paoli
Board Member since 2009 - term expires December 2020

Ms. Mary Babcock
Board Member since 2015 - term expires December 2022

Mrs. Catherine Jordan
Board Member since 2018 - term expires December 2018

Committee Assignments

Board of Education Meeting Dates & Minutes

The Board of Education of the Hancock Public Schools are normally held at:

501 Campus Drive
Hancock, MI 49930
Telephone (906) 487-5925

CLICK HERE to access meeting minutes and agendas.



At-A-Glance Calendar for the Week of October 15, 2018

Full Calendar    |    Lunch Calendar    |    HPS District Calendar (PDF)


MON 15


Grilled Honey BBQ Rib Patty on WG Hamburger Bun


Pizza on Whole Wheat Crust (Cheese-V or Pepperoni*)

TUE 16


Chicken Fajita on a Ultra Grain Flour Shell & Shredded Cheddar Cheese (Optional Condiment) Sour Cream


Taco Seasoned Beef on a Ultra Grain Flour Shell & Shredded Cheddar Cheese (Optional Condiment) Sour Cream

WED 17


Sliced Turkey and American Cheese on Whole Grain Sub Bun (optional) Lt Mayo Pkg


Pizza on Whole Wheat Crust (Cheese-V or Pepperoni*)

THU 18


Chicken and Waffles, Both Whole Grain


Sliced Baked Turkey Ham, Gold Fish Crackers (M/ HS with WG Garlic Bread)

FRI 19


All American Beef Hamburger on Whole Grain Bun


Whole Grain Chicken Corn Dog

Middle and HS Only will be given a Cooks choice of one of the menued items above or Tangerine Chicken Stir-Fry Vegetables & Brown Rice

SAT 20

SUN 21